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I teach stressed out do-it-all women to let go and flow.
Because you deserve more ease, more clarity, and to feel better. 

Abstract Lines

If you've ever thought:


“I have to do it all."

"It’s all on my shoulders.

"If I let go I’ll drown--there’s nobody to catch me."

"I can’t drop the reigns."


Then you are probably doing all the things...creating the magic for your kids, making the money, coordinating everyone else’s life, picking up all the slack, directing your marriage, keeping up with appearances...and making it all work out of sheer will and determination.


People might even tell you to "take a break" "just chill" or "go with the flow." But the thought of that doesn't even compute for you.


And I bet you’re exhausted. 


And maybe you’re sick, too. Because living like this over time creates illness in our bodies. I’ve been there, I know. 


And I know for sure, there is a better way. 


The perhaps counter intuitive solution is not to do more, it’s to do less. It’s not to grasp tighter, it’s to surrender and let go. 


I hear you. That sounds straight up impossible. If you stop doing it all, then life as you know it will crumble. Just the idea of letting go and trusting life probably puts you in a state of panic and disbelief. 


But the truth is, letting go is just a process and you can learn it. I can teach you how.

I will teach you to trust again. To trust yourself. To trust others.

Even to trust a force outside of you, ie. The Universe, God, Source or whatever you choose to call it.


I will help you realize the magic that is ready to unfold in your life. Miracles are all around you and when you tune in and make this your default frequency you will be amazed at how things flow to you. Difficult circumstances are no longer so hard. You have internal guidance and knowing in all areas of your life. Life becomes more playful. And your deepest fears will start to melt away, as your dreams start to become reality.

The work...

1. Thoughtwork

First we do a deep dive into your thoughts and beliefs about your circumstances. Cultivating an awareness of your thoughts is foundational to having power in your life. This is because your thoughts create your feelings, your feelings drive your actions, and actions drive results. Simply put, when your thoughts are unmanaged and you feel terrible, your actions typically don’t create the results you desire. I will teach you this self coaching model of thoughtwork that can help you build awareness and identify the blocks to achieving what you want. Then we can set goals using this model, making it easy to see the path to achieving them. 

2. Nervous System

Our bodies interpret the world through our nervous systems. We have a window of tolerance in which we feel safe, clear, confident and creative. But daily stressors can build up and trigger our nervous system to sound alarm bells. We might feel anxious and agitated, or foggy, Or our thinking becomes over reactive, tunnel visioned and urgent. We might eventually feel withdrawn, checked out and numb. By using somatic strategies to get us back into our window of tolerance or a calm sense of safety we can access the divine wisdom, clarity, intuition, creativity, and calm that is our body’s natural state.

3. Stuck Patterns

We also look at old stuck patterns through a trauma informed lens. Have you ever had a pattern of thinking or behavior that doesn’t serve you but you can’t seem to make a change? This might be over eating, procrastinating, being hot tempered/yelling, being perfectionistic or compulsively insecure to name a few. We will explore the origin of these patterns and personality traits and build awareness around how and why they formed. And I’ll teach you how to start to shift them, removing the blocks to your success and giving you more freedom then you thought possible. 

Abstract Lines

What Clients Say

"I have been on a healing journey for most of my adult life. I am an energy healer myself. I can say easily that i have sat through 100’s of healings on my own journey of childhood trauma. My trauma left me with high panic, fear and anxiety. I am a singer by profession and I have struggled with paralyzing stage fright. Naturally i have always looked to heal childhood trauma at the root so that I could find joy in singing on stage. Jen’s coaching has been what has healed me the most out of all modalities I have ever tried. Jen has a powerful delivery of questions that get me to the core of my beliefs . She has taught me to accept where I am and face the feelings in the moment of stage fright. Her process allows the body to let go and the charge of fear diminished. I now can perform on stage effortlessly and happily.
-Kimberly R.

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