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Pink Leaves

I am the Breast Cancer coach for women who want to release health anxiety, live more fearlessly, and ditch the pink ribbon.




Having experienced a breast cancer diagnosis in 2020, I used the tools I've learned as a trauma informed life coach to heal mind, body and soul. I've gone from patient, to survivor, and now creator as I guide others from diagnosis through treatment and beyond, to manage fears of recurrence, finally and truly embrace self-care, heal relationships, and become the most healthful and vibrant version of themselves.


Why Ditch the pink ribbon?

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I was given swag. A pink folder, a T-shirt, a tote bag. My first thought was, "I can't wait to ditch this pink ribbon."


Because I am not a diagnosis.


For me, wearing the pink ribbon* is identifying with the problem. When we tether ourselves to an identity of sickness, we, perhaps unwittingly, limit what's possible for our future self.


I believe in the power of Future Focus. This means recognizing limiting beliefs, and replacing them with new beliefs that serve the life you want. It means creating something that doesn't exist based on your past.


And NOW is the time to take inventory and be intentional. Because let's face it, a cancer diagnosis is a disruptor. Most women will naturally reflect and take stock of their lives. 


I can guide you through a process toward clarity. One that supports you to shed all that is not you (ie. programmed, unintentional thoughts and behaviors) so the real you can shine. You CAN find peace and power through any challenge.

And no, this is not positive thinking or rose colored glasses. I'm not a cheerleader.


This is radical acceptance, bold curiosity, learning to feel and heal with deep self love & compassion, and managing your powerful brain to support you throughout all the steps in your journey to health and wellness.




And hey, if this sounds a little counter-culture or provocateur to you...good! Let's start a movement!


Let's empower women to live intentionally, to explore a "root cause" connection to diagnoses, to uncover the interplay of our nervous system state on our physical bodies, and to get clear about how/why we get sick, and how/why we heal.

Ditch the Pink Ribbon is the support, the understanding, the resource, and the high level conversation that I wish I had when I was experiencing health crises. It’s a safe haven where we cultivate belief in your body’s divine intelligence and its ability to heal. No matter the circumstances. 


Whether you’re newly diagnosed, cancer free / in remission, or living with a more chronic diagnosis, we can create a safe place to focus on love over fear, and let this experience transform you in the very best way.



*If wearing the pink ribbon feels amazing in your body, if you are on fire with potential when you wear your pink ribbon, then WEAR IT PROUDLY. And go do amazing things in the world. That's really what this is all about.

Let's connect to see if this coaching is right for you. Schedule a free 30 minute consult call today.


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