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Belief Audit

Last month I went to New Orleans for vacation. We visited Oak Alley Plantation where Black people were enslaved & sold as property by White people.

In order for this to happen a whole lot of people had to believe that White people were superior to others. That race and skin color were indicators of worthiness.

But that is a lie. A patently false untruth.

And yet, this collective delusion drove the culture and way of life in this part of the world for decades. And we still see its legacy today.

So it struck me, if humans can believe such a lie as this, I suppose we can believe any damn thing. We can honestly shape our reality from any belief we choose. 🤯

What's stopping any of us from choosing to believe amazing things? Like unicorns and magic. Or at least that we are whole and well and connected and worthy and loved and not a problem to fix.

It’s tempting to argue, “But reality! Evidence!” And yet, think of all these people believing such a harmful atrocious lie because it was their reality and they saw evidence in their world.

As a life coach I work with people to identify a struggle in their life and we do a BELIEF AUDIT. What false beliefs are shaping your life? What beliefs would better serve you and the life you want to live? As beliefs shift, so does experience and reality.

It is actually possible to believe new things. We can do that work.

Reach out if you want to do a Belief Audit for yourself.


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