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"Wine Country Women" Podcast

The women of Wine Country are pretty fabulous. There are many romantic stories of heritage families and the passed down traditions of viticulture and winemaking.

I, however, embody none of that.

So it is an honor to be included in this beautiful hardcover coffee table book featuring 65 of the women that make the Napa Valley so special.

Recently I sat down with the author, Michelle Mandro, on the Wine Country Women podcast to discuss my life and goings on, and how Napa and my experiences here have defined me. It was great fun!

A highlight: when asked my greatest achievement, my answer may surprise you. It even surprises me sometimes. My answer 3 years ago, before health crises, breast cancer and finding life coaching would be very, very different.

Listen to the podcast episode here.

And purchase the Wine Country Women of Napa Valley hardcover 325 page book here. (Makes a great gift!)


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