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How To Decide

Indecision is a really handy way of not getting started or putting off the hard work related to a goal or a plan. If you’re “still deciding” you don’t have to get started. You don’t have to do hard things. And sadly, you also don’t get to be the highest version of yourself.

Cuz you’re still trying to decide. Listen. Here’s how you make a decision....

You pick one. Then you decide it’s the right one.

That’s it. When we assign the outcome to the decision we give away our own power. You’re always the one creating your results no matter what you choose. So what if I told you that whether you choose door number one or door number two that your results would be amazing. Which door do you want to open? Now open that door and go make it amazing. And okay, sure, I’m simplifying here a bit. Coaching can help you understand what you’re making the choices mean, what you’re really afraid of, and guide you through the work of being ready to make a decision, decide to love it, and have your own back about it. And of course you get to choose to change your mind. Coaching will help you do that, too. With intention.


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