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How To Love Yourself

Love yourself. That phrase used to perplex me. What does that even mean? And HOW??

Here’s what I know.

If you can envision your fears, worries, or uncomfortable thoughts as a precious part of you that just wants to be heard and seen, then allow your higher self to witness, love, and protect that part, you will begin to feel and embody self love. Are you angry about something? Do you feel guilty? Have regret? Can you let that part of you express all its concerns, issues, what if's...all of it? Let that part of you go off if it needs to. Then, can you, as your High Self, approach that part with love? You don’t have to love the thing or person you’re angry about, but can you love the one who is angry? Can you love and comfort the part of you that worries about your kids? Or the part of you who is anxious about your husband? Can you love the part of you that fears medical treatments? Instead of buffering from or pushing these discomforts aside (which usually just leads to more intensity) what if you welcomed them in, let them speak, and then loved them? Radical, right? This practice of loving all of you leads to less judgment, more compassion, and truly feeling your undeniable self worth. I understand now that “Love Yourself” is not just for t-shirts. This is a skill that can be learned. And it has the power to transform your life. A life coach can help guide you.


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