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I Am Not Your Guru

Lol. Ok, no one has actually referred to me as their "guru" but I thought I’d borrow the Tony Robbins phrase to make a point, and because it made me giggle.

As a coach, plenty of times clients have wanted to know what to do, or come seeking permission to think or feel a certain way.

I will never tell you what to do.

And you have my permission.

Because I believe you know. And your power is in you. Sometimes we just need to uncover it. Clean the windows and take out the trash so to speak. That’s what we do in coaching.

And listen, when you go through cancer, oftentimes you find yourself traumatized. Trauma can be considered a disconnection from Self. When we’re disconnected from our highest wisdom, our divine knowing, and our intuition, we look for outside sources, things outside of ourselves to fix us, to affirm us, to direct us.

The healing is never outside of you.

And you never have to give your power away. Not even to any doctor or professional. There is always choice. You are always in charge.

I can help you reconnect to YOU so you can trust in yourself and trust your body again. It’s possible to feel radiant health after cancer. But it’s an inside job. There’s really no secret formula outside of yourself.


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