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Running From or Running Toward?

We want to feel empowered so we take action. But feelings don't come from the actions you take. They come from your thoughts.

You may be doing everything "right" to be healthy and prevent cancer recurrence, but if you're doing it from thoughts around what you DON'T WANT, and the actions you take are from fear and anxiety, whether it works or not. you're probably going to feel terrible.

The truth is, different people can do the exact same things and have very different experiences and results.

Here's an example. Two people take all the same action. They both eat the "right" things, exercise perfectly, and avoid all risks. Why does one feel well and empowered, and the other feels pressured and fearful?

Because they are fueled by different thoughts.

If you're taking actions with your focus on wellness, thinking thoughts about how healthy you are and how good it feel to be active, with appreciation for and confidence in your body and the treatment plan you're going to feel empowered and peaceful.

But if you're taking the same action from thoughts like, "I do NOT want cancer again. I have to eat perfectly. I have to exercise exactly. If I don't do everything possible, it can come back. What if they didn't get it all? It's always lurking. I have to outrun it," ...well, you're going to create fear, anxiety and urgency and it will feel terrible.

Taking action from negative thoughts and emotions is never going to create sustainable change or pleasurable results. And anyway, what's the value of never getting cancer again if you feel terrible?

Thoughts are everything. They shape our experience. They create how we feel which is the foundation for what actions we take or don't take. They ultimately create our experience and results.

So when you think of the actions you're taking to be well, ask yourself, "Am I running toward wellness?" You'll know because the actions you take will feel amazing.

Or am I running from cancer?" You'll know because the actions you take will feel fearful and urgent.

I can help you gain awareness of what thoughts and emotions are driving your actions, and teach you how to create what you want with intention.


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