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The #1 Thing You Need to Heal

No matter your diagnosis or what treatment paradigm you choose, there is one thing that is essential to your healing.


Do you believe you can heal? Why or why not?

If you read my post about The Model, it's not a new concept that thoughts & beliefs create our reality & experience. Once you step into the belief that you can heal, and even that it's possible to thrive and build back better, then you create the conditions that make health and healing inevitable. Your improved mood and state improve immune function. Your actions support a healthy lifestyle. And results become undeniable.

But so often, there are buried thoughts and/or trapped feelings gnawing at us that question our worthiness, that wonder if we deserve this, that doubt our body's innate abilities, or blame our bodies or circumstances for our condition. This undermines our best intentions and can lead to frustration and hopelessness.

But it's never true that you aren't worthy. It's never true that you don't deserve vibrant and radiant health. It's never true that your body can't heal. It's not useful to point fingers or blame, and your body didn't betray you. On the contrary it's trying to communicate and protect you. Do you believe that?

Close your eyes, breathe deep, and get still...then ask yourself again...

Do I believe I can heal? Why or why not?

Notice what comes up. Don't try to push it away or brush it off. Pay close attention. These are the golden breadcrumbs that lead to your healing transformation.

Coaching can help you explore any limiting thoughts and beliefs, process emotion, and set a very intentional course on your healing journey.


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