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You Don't Have To

The date for my annual mammogram is approaching and I’m starting to feel that anxiety and discomfort of the hospital, waiting for results, etc. In my head I’ve been thinking “Ugh, I have to get this mammogram scheduled,” then I become flooded with anxiety and resistance. Because it feel so much better to not think about cancer and scans and results and what ifs.

So I got some coaching on this topic and I’ll share what I got out of it in case it helps you.

I do not have to get a mammogram.

I do not have to go to another doctor appointment or get another test or exam EVER if I don’t want to.

Whoa. But don’t I have to follow the recommendations? Don’t I have to be a good girl and get the tests?

Nope. 🤯

And I don’t have to take care of my kids or stay married to my husband or go to my job, or do any of the things that I’ve been conditioned that I “have to” do.

When I realized this, it opened up space for me to consider if I want to.

And actually, after sitting with it, I do. I do want to get the mammogram. And I do want to go to my follow up oncology appointment. And when I approach it like this, there’s a lot more space for me to hold and accept and allow the anxiety that comes with it. Just this reframing was enough to feel more peace around the discomfort.

Isn’t coaching great?

What are the “have to’s” in your life? A coach can help you see more options and come to choices that are true for you. Even if you don’t change a thing.


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